Songs I Like at The Moment

You’re Somebody Else (both the rhythm and the lyrics) is so good, in combination with an amazing music video — my favorite this week! The music video is using colors that I like.  It reminds me a lot with human anatomy, dendritic cells, synapses, neurotransmitters — just parts of ourselves. A great reminder for me to start studying again on Wednesday, Matrikulasi Predik part II (since my certificate expired this month, I have to retake the matriculation to renew my certificate, but no need to retake the exam because I have passed it alhamdulillah); wish me luck!

Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is also one of my likings! I had no idea that Bradley Cooper can sing before… this is a power duet. This song, in particular, is so emotional… I’m falling, in all the good times I find myself longing for change and in the bad times, I fear myself. So excited for the movie (A Star Is Born)!

P.s: I cannot wait to end this almost year-long suffering that is undergrad thesis making. I hope everything goes well this week, I wish good things happen this week. Bismillah…

Revisit Your Connection with Your Wealth

“Do you realize that Allah is the owner of sustenance? Do you realize that Allah is the one who is taking account of every penny that you have? So seek the forgiveness of Allah for where you have faulted for where we have spent our moneys on that which was haram, that which was displeasing to Allah, may Allah forgive us.

May Allah grant us a new beginning. May we be from among those who can reach out to brothers and sisters in need in such a way that when we are in need Allah will automatically reach out to us.” – Ustād Mufti Menk