2 Persons: In My Head

Z: I’m going to meet people tomorrow

A: So what?

Z: I’m afraid

A: Why?

Z: They’re going to be my patients, they need me

A: And you need them

Z: Yes, yes…

A: Have you prayed?

Z: I have

A: Have you read the Quran?

Z: I haven’t

A: Have you study?

Z: I am now

A: Don’t forget

Z: Forget what?

A: Read the Quran, today

Z: I will

A: Okay. You can do it

Z: Okay

A: You’re capable. It’s gonna be alright

Z: I know. I’m just anxious

A: Don’t be. Trust Him. He’ll make a way

Z: He will. Of course, of course. Thank you

A: Anytime

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