So Long, Madiun!

Terima kasih jalan Kawis 24 dan geng marathon The Haunting of Hill House atas 1 minggu penuh bahagia (dan GERD) ini! Semoga sukses semua dan bahagia semua, insyaAllah kita bisa belajar menjadi dokter Rahmatan Lil’ Alamin selama proses pendidikan profesi ini dan nanti bisa menjadi penyembuh umat. Semoga sehat, kuat, sabar dan tambah sholehah semuanya ya! Aaamiinn.

The Gem of Malioboro Street

I used to pray in the basement of Malioboro Mall (most of the time) or the mosque near Inna Garuda Hotel whenever I visited the famous Malioboro Street of Yogyakarta. The prayer room in Malioboro Mall was not my cup of tea since it’s located in the basement, it felt hot and it can only contain few people. To my surprise, my beloved friend Tikya lead us to pray in this mosque after our visit to the Presidential Palace.

I was stunned! Never have I ever thought of Malioboro for having this hidden gem. A nice, comfortable, beautiful mosque! Tikya explained that this mosque is a grant from the former major of Jogja, Mr. Herry Zudiyanto and his siblings, Mrs. Ellys Yudhianti, and Mr. Rudi Sastyawan to remember their mother, hence the name Siti Djirzanah mosque

The interior was covered in blue granites. The building is fully air-conditioned, the lighting makes the room bigger; the mosque is indeed a beauty! The toilets are so clean, the ablution chambers are clean and they have white stones beneath; pretty! The guests are also given canvas bag to store their shoes and can later put the bag in the shoe rack inside the prayer room for safety; the canvas bag should be returned afterward.

The existence of this mosque in the crowded, full of shopping alternatives, Malioboro Street, gives us the comfort of performing prayer with ease. The mosque is a refreshment to the eye and the soul. Another one to add to my list of Things I’ll Miss from Jogja. Such a beauty, this mosque. I hope this building can help remind people of their sole purpose in this earth and may the builders, the caretakers and the owners of this mosque are given rewards by Allah.

I’ll See You Again, Mba Anis!

2018 is the year of See You Again. My best-friends have left the city and eventually, I will soon too. Yesterday, mba Anis departed back to her hometown… I tried not to shed any tear because parting has already suck and to cry in public place has its own inconvenience. I don’t like inconveniences.

Mba Anis and I lived in the same rented-rooms building (in Indonesia we called it Kost) and have been best friends since 2016. She and Vivid (2nd from the left) had frequently visited me in my room during The Dark Hours. They usually visited me at night because that was the time when I’d be very… unstable and very sad. Mba Anis, who studied psychology, knows how to talk things through with me (Vivid (studied International Relations) also knows how).

It’s sad that Mba Anis will not be able to attend Vivid’s and my graduation ceremony this month because by that time she’ll already be in the comfort of her home and has to prepare for her wedding. It’s even sadder that I will not be able to attend her wedding because its presumed that I’ll already be in the hospital for my first week of clinical clerkship. On the other hand, I felt honored, actually. On June, mba Anis told me about the plan and how she met her future husband. God’s plan is indeed beautiful and so magical… I can’t even begin to describe the feeling, and it’s not my wedding yet, but the feeling… amazing! I wish and prayed for all the best and great things for this couple from this day on until forever, Allah knows how beautiful mba Anis’ soul is and she deserves all the good things in this world and in the afterlife.

In the meantime, I make myself strong by telling my heart that the separation will not hamper our friendship. It’ll strengthen it. The friendship may be more expensive now that we have to cross the sea to meet one another but that’s okay. You make sacrifices for the ones you love! I’ll see you again, mba Anis sayang. Take care, my sister, I’m missing you so much already!